A funny app icon design iteration

I have been asked by friends, who now owe a company, Mehe, to design an icon for their company which show the passion behind Mehe work, to let people know they are not dull but stand outside the box.

Jamone and Darrius are friends I had the opportunity to work with time to time on side projects. It's amazing how times goes on. I have met one of them, Jamone, a computer science student, in Twitter.

It was early 2016 and I remember him tweeting about new year resolutions and doing some apps development. After talking with him a little, we talked about how we can work together on an app that interests us as a side project.

So let's see how I failed :

Let's start

The way I design for now as a beginner is really about inspiration from others and iterating.

I have been inspired for this icon by Google Material design and geometry. So hop, I went to color.adobe, chose a color palette and I tried something.

Hum ?

But.. it looks like a boat or something ? Interesting.
Let's iterate and explore new things with what I have got.

Hum.. Not convinced. Let's try to add circles, change positions and colors.

Ho wait..

It's where I stopped. I don't know for now whether it's a relevant icon for a company but I find it unique and funny.

What do you think ?


Thanks Michael Flarup for the Home screen/App Store photoshop templates.