An android version of my iOS app JLPT N5


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After having developed the iPhone/iPad application which help people learning kanji in a fun way for the JLPT N5 examination one year ago, here we are with an Android version.

I took one month and half in March to develop this app and even if it was time consuming, I learned a lot and was able to compare things with iOS.

The iOS topic is there :

What I liked :

  • The replacement of child views in Android is very easy. With a simple replace function using FragmentTransaction, I can update fragments.
  • The Scrollview component is neat! I just have to put my content inside and it does its job. In iOS, it's often more complicated. I need to have a content view inside the scrollview, which have this or this layout constraint, etc..
  • Making cornier radius is easier on iOS. While in iOS I just have to do something like view.layer.cornerRadius = 4, it seems that on Android I have to create a file for this, let's call it cornerRadius.xml, and then specifices some properties inside,
    and then use it as a backgroound for my view.
  • The store deployment process is far easier in Android. While the App Store process in iOS can take a few days, it takes a few hours on Android. What about the updates ? It took me a few minutes to update a new version of my app in Android that resolves a crash to be avaialble for everyone.
  • I liked how we can, without much struggle, create interactive animation. Whether it's the use of CoordinatorLayout for parallax effect or activity transition. I used Shared Element Transition that let me create this kind of content in less than 5 lines of code.
  • This is probably one of the best thing : R. Being able to create symbols for images, colors, strings is amazing. In iOS, we are used to access image by their string filename, for example UIImage(named: "icon_home"). A typo somewhere and it's a crash.


The app is available in the App Store and the Play Store.


If you're curious, the android version is available in github there.