My first iOS app - Debt Reminder

Debt Reminder is an iOS application I created and which give people the possibility to find who owes what to whom, in one place, with a great user experience.

I created by myself the design and asked friends feedbacks and developed the app for challenging myself as well as for putting in practice new technologies. So, what about the features ?

πŸ”Ž Core Spotlight

In addition to 3D Touch for the quick actions, I discovered and used the Core Spotlight framework. Core Spotlight is a framework which is available since iOS 9 and enable developers to make relevant app content searchable in the iPhone search system.

It’s one of the feature I like the most. The possibility to get debts reminded when searching someone on my iPhone

What I also like is the πŸ‘¦πŸ» which represent my friend. I find it interesting to use it on my app and it makes me enjoy adding friends debts.

Make it a try πŸ“±