Have fun learning Japanese kanji

Learning kanji is one of the most important step in learning Japanese.

With a friend, we have developed an iPhone/iPad application which help people learning kanji in a fun way for the JLPT N5 examination.

Through quizzes, user friendly interface and relevant informations such as translations, drawings, words and sounds, we tried to make the learning process more enjoyable for people.

Features include :

🎨 A simple color system

A simple color system to let you know which kanji you should practice and which one you could consider as known.

📝 Fun quizzes

Different kind of fun quizzes such as « Fill in the blanks », « Find the antonym », « Play with numbers », « Kanji », « Words » and even the possibility to create custom quizzes.


Relevant informations

Meaningful informations such as translations, pronunciations ( in both romaji and kana ), the number of strokes, a list of words with sounds and even the video which draws the kanji step by step.

🇺🇸🇫🇷 Support for French and English

If you have any questions or if you want to help us by suggesting us new features, please email us at aymenmse@gmail.com or tweet us @jlptn5.

With your support, the application will evolve with new exciting features and become even better for all of us :].