My version of Hyper Recipe app is a digital company in Oslo, Norvege. And for applying there, you must realize the Hyper Recipe app.

Basically, it's an application that presents a collection of recipes fetched from Hyper backend or from my stubs ( I admit that the Unsplash pictures used for the stubs are quite cool 📸 ).

I found it fun to create this app to test my UI and UX skills because we can suggest anything, from UI to librairies used.

Some interesting things to explore

A few things I particulary found interesting to develop or put into practice :

  • The app icon because I'm very bad at it ( if you don't believe me, you can take a look at )
  • The design : like usual, I use Sketch for designing all kind of stuff, either it's mobile screens or just icons. What's interesting is that I inspire myself from existing designs, and learn from others. For example, I loved how easy to use was the "Number of person" component on the Airbnb iOS app, that's why I created it by myself for the difficulty view ( recipe difficulty between 1 and 3 ).
  • The combo MVVM/RxSwift where all the logics is done on the view model and we don't have a Massive View Controller anymore ( even if it can happen! )
  • Swinject because it allows me to switch easily between Stubs and Networks services ( by using schemes )

To do and improvments :

  • If the backend would provide it, it might be cool to have a "Recipe of the day" and think about how we can present it 🤔.
  • Implement a sort feature by creation date and a filter for displaying only the favorite ones.
  • If, for any reason, it would be necessary to implement a Pull to refresh ( for example in case of lost of connection or new data in the database ), I though about implementing the super cool Pull to soupe from Yalantis.
  • Your opinion ?

Dependencies and resources

I make use of the following projects or ressources, so it can be helpful to be
familiar with them:

Find a bug, something interesting, or something you think is unrelevant ?

Let's discuss by email or twitter.