Review 2018 - One year in Japan

I think it's the first time in my life I write a review of one of my year. This year a lot happened, so I wanted to write down what happened so far so I can appreciate it anytime.

In this big text, I talk about me moving-in in Japan without speaking Japanese, things that happened in 2018, what I am not happy about this year, what I have learned from this experience.


From 2015 to 2017, I traveled to Japan a few times as a a student for tourism. End of 2017, I graduated, and two month later, I moved to Tokyo for work while starting learning japanese on my free time.

It’s my first time being abroad that long, far from friends and family.


It was the opportunity to go out of my confort zone, and definitely, I experienced a lot:

  • from feeling unconfortable and alone -> to feeling great and happy.
  • from moving-in two times in shared house -> to finally my own apartment.
  • from quitting a job I wasn’t feeling confortable at -> to finding what I call a great opportunity in my current company.

All within the same year. Quiet a busy year.

Family, friends, and loneliness

I am not happy about not keeping in touch that much with my family and friends that are far away. I want to say that I was very busy with this new life but there is no excuse for such things. I think we should always find time for relatives.

I also felt loneliness. That one is a pain in the ass.

Appreciate Japan and what it offers

One year in Japan also means experiencing all the four different seasons. And a lot of traveling and experiences! A non-exhaustive list includes climbing Fuji Mountain to the top, going hiking in some mountains nearby Tokyo, skiing in Niigata, traveling to the Kansai, Chubu, Shikoku, Miyagi, a crazy Haloween in Japan, changing hair color, and more…


I didn’t give up despite unstable work situation and loneliness and now my situation in Japan got a little more stable.

There are a lot of people that made my experiences great this year, and I am thankful for that :-).

This new experiene in Japan motivated me to work on myself. Whether it’s about prioritizing important and non-important things, appreciating people’s opinions.. but still a long way to go and learn.

Defining my why

I started working on defining my why, my goals. By looking back from the university, I figured out that I liked having a lot challanges and building stuffs. From joining hackathons/competitions to building apps such as JLPTN5 and more.

So for the next years I would like to maximize my opportunities to build products that make people’s life easier, better. And to reach little by little this goal, I have to write down all the things I need to achieve it, that are necessary to get there little by little, step by step.


I am looking forward to my next years in Japan 🤗.