Travel inspiration and design

Travel planning can be quit funny e.g. looking at the flights prices every day, looking for people/local feedbacks to get more of my trips, not looking at all and just "go" with a few ideas in mind.

I'm self-aware that there are features I would love to access easily

  • Let's say I don't mind paying a train for another city airport that depending on the opportunity can cost almost nothing. So instead of looking the flights prices for each airport, I would like to know directly, with a destination and date given, what is the cheapest airport in my country I can fly from ?

  • Sometimes, I just want to change my mind. There are a lot of ways for doing that, and travelling is one of them. I would like to know where can I go in the world with my budget.

So at the begining I though about making an app for that. And before developing, there is the design.


As time gone on, I have been more and more interested by this world of design and user experience. I put hard work, motivation and inspiration on the Kanji learning app and Debt Reminder app.

Visual design, animations and all those stuffs always makes me curious and make me want to know more, to see more and to try more.

When thinking about the design of my new app, I found this link on Dribble and it inspired me a lot.

Fantasy company job on Travel app From Fantasy on Dribble.
It became the starting point of my inspiration. And then I got inspired by Apple.


The bold title, the colors and the page control convinced me to try something, so I merge those designs to see the result.